EMS Week 2021 – May 16th through May 22nd

Featured Image for EMS Week 2021 – May 16th through May 22ndMessage sent to Greenport Rescue Squad staff: At this time last year, we were talking about the COVID19 pandemic and how it was disrupting every aspect of our lives. Little did we know that a spotlight would once again be shined upon the EMS providers at Greenport Rescue and everywhere. Once again, our community was shown that their EMS ambulance agency could perform admirably and professionally, despite the challenges encountered during the COVID19 pandemic. We are all hopeful that as EMS Week 2021 begins, that pandemic crisis is starting to fade. It is altogether fitting and proper that the theme for this year’s EMS week is: “This is EMS: Caring for our Communities.” From your first interview at GRS to your most recent shift, you have come to know that Greenport Rescue is a community-based ambulance and that service to our community is job number 1. We realize the community is only vaguely aware of the hazards, sacrifices and difficulties faced by you in service to them. However, we also know that you will continue in your mission at GRS and always treat every patient you encounter as if it were a member of your own family. Truly caring for your community no matter the situation faced, is exactly your calling. Thank you for meeting that calling. We thank you for being EMS Strong and getting in those ambulances every day and night in order to care for our community. Please enjoy the daily morning bagels and take advantage of the food and meals provided by the Board of Directors this week. Greenport Rescue Squad, Inc. Board of Directors

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The kindness and generosity of the people we serve help us provide our community with outstanding customer service and excellent care, using state-of-the-art equipment. Your donations to the Greenport Rescue Squad, Inc. are greatly appreciated.

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