Founded in 1936

Outside of our buildingThe Greenport Rescue Squad was founded in 1936 as a non-profit community service organization. Generations of volunteers have put in countless hours of service to shape this organization into the successful agency we are today.

We have grown along with the greater Hudson area community we serve. For many years we were located within the Greenport Fire Department building on Rt. 23B. As the needs for our services grew, so did the number of ambulances. By 1996, we had outgrown our former home and built a new one at 3 Newman Road. This state-of-the-art facility houses all of our vehicles and equipment and provides for expanded amenities for our staff.

Greenport Rescue Squad has always been a forward-looking organization. We were the first to make the move to paid staff from an all-volunteer cadre. We were the first to upgrade our services from BLS to ALS. And we were the first, and still the only Columbia County Agency to respond to over 6,000 calls from our community each year.

  • 1935

    In 1935, a Greenport fireman was injured at a fire, but the ambulance failed to arrive. After transporting their friend to the hospital in the fire truck, a group of Greenport firefighters were inspired to request getting their own emergency truck.

  • 1955

    Greenport Rescue Squad - Annual Dinner
    Credit: Howard Gibson

  • 1956

    Greenport Rescue Squad - Dance at the Armory
    Credit: Howard Gibson

  • 1956

    Greenport Rescue Squad - Lone Star Cement Hudson
    Credit: Howard Gibson

  • 1956

    Greenport Rescue Squad - New Radio
    Credit: Howard Gibson

  • 1960

    Greenport Rescue Squad - New Building Construction
    Credit: Howard Gibson

  • 1965

    1965 Greenport Rescue Squad

  • 1968

    Greenport Rescue Squad - Party
    Credit: Howard Gibson

  • 1968

    Greenport Rescue Squad - Annual Banquet
    Credit: Howard Gibson

  • 1986

    March 8th 1986, Letters of commendation are displayed by members of the Greenport Rescue Squad at Saturday’s 50th anniversary banquet at Meadowgreens Restaurant. In front row, left to right, are P.J. Keeler, treasurer; Shawn Smith, executive board member; Michael Cozzolino, vice president; and Ron Wheeler, secretary. In back row are Richard Tracy, first lieutenant; Tony Merante, captain; Mike Merante, third lieutenant; Jim Briscoe, president; and Jake Onufrychuk, executive board director. © Register Star photo by Mike Groll. March 8, 1986

  • 1996

    We had outgrown our former home and built a new one at 3 Newman Road. This state-of-the-art facility houses all of our vehicles and equipment and provides for expanded amenities for our staff.

  • 1999

    Our fleet in front of our state-of-the-art facility at 3 Newman Road.

  • 2001

    9-11 Never Forget. We were honored to come to the aid of our fellow Americans.

  • 2010

    Our Pontoon boat is the newest addition to our water rescue services.

  • 2011

    August 28th 2011, Hurricane Irene hit the Northeast.

  • 2019

    Our EMTs, Paramedics and support staff operate First Aid stations at community events.

  • 2019

    Our EMTs, Paramedics and support staff operate First Aid stations at community events.

EMS Systems

We are proud members of the Columbia County EMS System.

The Columbia County EMS System was a collaboration of all the EMS agencies throughout Columbia County and began in 2010. The mission of this unique system was to provide ambulances to other Columbia County EMS agencies whose services were depleted due to call volume. Since 2010 the Columbia County EMS system has greatly reduced response times due the relocation of ambulances. Other Counties in NYS continuously show interest in this system.  To learn more please click here.

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  • Words cannot describe my gratitude for your repeated responses to our home in recent years. Your quick arrival and professionalism have helped ease the most stressful and heartbreaking situations. My family and I are eternally grateful to you all for your service and kindness.
  • I'd like to offer my deep and heartfelt appreciation for the services provided for my husband. This was our first brush with "catastrophe", and we are so grateful for the many people who went above and beyond to care for us emotionally and well as physically. While it may be "all in a day's work" for you guys, it's tremendous from our perspective. Thank you.
  • To the providers that responded early Tuesday morning. Words can't describe how very grateful I am for your decision to just load and go, not delaying the transport of my wife in any way. . . Your ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of postpartum eclampsia prevented my wife from having an inevitable bleed.
  • I would like to thank the gentlemen who transported my wife from Columbia Memorial Hospital to Albany Medical Center, she had nothing but great praise for their professionalism. . . You provide a great service to the community.
  • We are new to the area, and my, were we impressed by your professional service.
  • It was a scary situation and your guys were great!  They took good care of me.  Good job!
  • I really appreciate the quick care that seriously could have been what saved her life.
  • Michael and John were very helpful and acted very professionally while doing their job.
  • You guys were all so nice to me.
  • My family and I will be forever grateful for your saving me this night.  I know you will say, "It's just all in the course of duty," but duty does not require the compassion and sense of caring I felt that night.
  • They were competent, professional and caring.  We are fortunate to have you serving our community.
  • Thank you all for the great response time and excellent care.
  • Your prompt attention and care you gave my husband was incredible!  
  • I was so impressed with your gentle care and concern, you certainly calmed me down!  Thank you for doing your jobs so efficiently and considerately - I hope I don't need you again, but if I do I'm sure I'll be fine!
  • I felt blessed to be in such competent hands.  
  • Thanks for your help and professionalism.  You made a rough time go easier.
  • Thank you Greenport Rescue, I was so upset and nervous when I had to call 911 for my grandson. Once you arrived, everyone was so compassionate and professional. I was truly grateful that while you treated his arm, you continued to talk to me, which was very calming and reassuring.
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    Board of Directors

    Medical Director

    • Medical Director – Dr. Yuri Stippa

    Board of Directors

    • Chairman of the Board – Marc Gold
    • President – Antonio Merante
    • Vice President – Richard Franceschi
    • Secretary/Treasurer – Michael Cozzolino
    • Directors – PJ Keeler, Cheryl Prochera, Christopher Pierro, Dawn Olson, James Warfield, James Briscoe, John Onufrychuk, Kelly Schermerhorn, and Maria Ostrander

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    The kindness and generosity of the people we serve help us provide our community with outstanding customer service and excellent care, using state-of-the-art equipment. Your donations to the Greenport Rescue Squad, Inc. are greatly appreciated.

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