Greenport Rescue Squad COVID 19 Update

Featured Image for Greenport Rescue Squad COVID 19 UpdateWe are monitoring the current outbreak of COVID-19 very closely, while following updates from the Centers for Disease Control, and our state and local agencies. There is no higher priority than the safety of our employees and patients. We continue to act in the best interests of our patients, our workforce, the public, and facilities and other agencies we support. As this is an emerging and rapidly evolving situation, we are continually monitoring for the NY State Department of Health and the Regional Emergency Medical Organization’s recommendations for EMS and remain dedicated to our mission of improving the lives of our patients by delivering the best possible care during this time. Greenport Rescue Squad continues to train and update our staff with the latest guidance and recommendations for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. GRS is exercising additional precautions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and we have implemented the following measures with your well-being our priority: • Social distancing and the continued implementation of good hygiene practices during the entire shift both on the ambulance and in the station • Increased decontamination and training for all employees • The utilization of UV-C Air and Surface Disinfection fixtures (similar to those used in hospital operating rooms using UV light) • Mandatory Health Screening for all employees prior to all shifts and at twelve-hour intervals (any employees showing symptoms of illness or fever are not permitted to work) • Increased use of enhanced PPE during patient contact and “distance screening” of patients and household members • Appropriate reduction of the use of certain treatment interventions that increase the risk of spreading the illness through aerosolized droplets created during the treatment • No additional passengers in ambulance during patient transports (no riders) • Continuation of constant communication with hospitals as well as regional and state authorities on updates and increased prevention procedures. We encourage you to continue to stay informed on updates released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on all guidelines to slow the spread of the virus. Thank you for your support during these historic and unprecedented times. Sincerely, Antonio Merante President

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