While this COVID19 pandemic crisis swirls around us and has disrupted every aspect of our lives, it is once again that time of year where we set aside time to recognize the important role EMS providers play within our Community and Health Care system.
The COVID19 emergency serves somewhat as an appropriate backdrop to officially recognize the job you do. While the rest of our Community was shutting down, it was business as usual for the EMS staff at GRS. Well, not exactly business as usual. All of you must now take extra precautions to protect yourself, your patients and your families. Extra time, resources and efforts are required of you in order to carry out your core mission of rendering pre-hospital care to those in need. Everyone at GRS has met this challenge and will continue to do so. You do that extra cleaning; you take those multiple showers because you know that doing so will protect yourself and your next patient. You painstakingly endeavor to complete those decontamination tasks because it is vital to what you do on every call – helping people and not exposing them to further illness.
The current circumstances we all find ourselves in further demonstrates how it takes a special kind of person to work in EMS on a daily basis. Being a part of EMS and Greenport Rescue means you are part of something bigger than yourself. It shows that you are willing to step up and help others when they are having the worst day of their life. Or to help another when they are at their worst. No matter what situation is faced, you show time and time again that you are able to adapt to the situation, adopt the procedure, evaluate your work, tweak the procedure if needed and do it all over again on the next call. And treat that next call like it was your very first.
We appreciate your ability to effectively manage personal, family and professional lives and continue to provide high quality and compassionate care to those in need. Our Community is very fortunate to have the dedicated EMS professionals of Greenport Rescue Squad, who despite the circumstances they are faced with, remain ready, willing and able to answer the call.
On behalf of the Board of Directors at Greenport Rescue Squad we want to wish you all a safe and happy EMS week. The Board at Greenport Rescue is acutely aware of the stress and obstacles each and every one of you face working in EMS. This awareness is heightened during these extraordinary times.
There really are no words or gestures that can adequately express the deep appreciation we are trying to express to you on behalf of the Community that you serve. In any event, please enjoy the morning bagels and the meals provided by the Board of Directors throughout the upcoming week. Thank you for your continued dedication to GRS and to the public that we serve.

Greenport Rescue Squad, Inc. Board of Directors

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